Jiangsu EC Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Who is EC?

Jiangsu EC photoelectric technology Co.,LTD is a comprehensive high-tech optical fiber communication product development,production, sales and network engineering. 

EC products mainly include: indoor & outdoor fiber optical cable, ADSS,FIGURE 8,OPGW, FTTH drop cable,patch cord,pigtail and other series and optical passive device series.

Products are strictly implemented in national standards,and have obtained the product certification,certificates of the broadcasing and televison network access license,the power supply special communication equipment network access license,the telecom equipment network access license. The company has obtained ISO9001,ISO14001,ROHS,CE certifacation,and obtained import and export rights.

Providing All Products from Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer

Fiber optic cable wholesale business is never easy, but we have enough confidence in our products, and these figures witness our development in the international market, would you like to be our business partner?

You can choose to become our exclusive distributor and after signing the agreement, you will be the sole importer for the local market and our high quality and competitive fiber optic cable and a range of related optical products will only be sold to you.

Let EC boosts your business today!

EC have been in the business of wholesale fiber optic cable in China for 15 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality fiber optic cable.

Raw Material Sampling and Testing

Raw material testing, Not onle limited to component content, size, color, But also appearance testing, etc. Component content testing generally requires special testing equipment and some related chemical reagents. Good raw materials not only make the appearance of the optical cable beautiful, but also greatly improve its Optical cable performance.

Fiber Optic Cable OTDR Testing

OTDR testing for each fiber optic cable, Ensure that the optical transmission performance of the optical fiber is qualified in every process.

The Routine Finished Products Testing

General finished product testing includes product appearance testing, Size testing, Weight checking, Printing or logo testing, Label identification testing, and packaging compliance testing.

Printing Test

Each of our stamped and printed optical fiber cables will do printing wear resistance tests. According to the requirements of IEC or IEEE, Of course you can also have higher requirements. We can offer our customers with OEM service.

The Performance Test Of The Optical Cable

The performance test of the optical cable includes tensile test, Flame retardant water resistance test, Bending winding test, Printing abrasion test, Special optical cable and ultraviolet radiation detection test, Salt and acid etching test, OPGW has lightning resistance tests, etc. Passed the performance test , Simulate the use of optical cables under specific conditions, which can better ensure the service life of optical cables.

Our Professional International Business Documentation Team And After-sales Service

Our team members who are familiar with the customs policies of various countries and the operation of letters of credit can provide correct and professional support for paper work documents,

Let customers go smoothly in the process of customs clearance of commercial documents, and even help customers save costs. 7 days * 24 hours online service for you, our products are all qualified tests,
To provide you with professional testing reports and certification, quality assurance can be based on your needs, we accept any third-party quality testing.